SANDISK iXpand Mini 64GB

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  • Storage Capacity:  64GB (Actual usable storage less)
  • Interface: Lightning Connector and USB 3.0(one connector used at a time)
  • Easy to manage Photos and Videos
  • Flash Drive for i Phone and i Pad
  • Free up space on your i Phone
  • Automatically back up photos and videos
  • Watch videos straight from the drive
  • Works with most i Phone cases
  • USB 3.0high-speedtransfers
  • Manage photos and videos with the iXpandDrive app
  • PC/Mac computer compatibility:Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Chrome OS, Mac OS X v10.8 and higher
  • Supported video formats:wmv, avi, mkv, mp4, and mov. DRM-protected content cannot be played. Check with the content provider for playback restrictions.
  • Dimensions:12 X 4.6 X 53.0mm
  • Weight:5 g
  • All data storage are not exact in stated capacity. All electronic storage has hidden partitions for its functions tools. Allthese hidden partitions will not be shown in Windows explorer, and Disk Management does not give an option to browse contentsof these partitions. Also, the binary measurement is different and not eaxct for units stated capacity. You may research forit for more info.
  • Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending on host device, interface, usage conditions and other factors.